Attribution Validation

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Use this tool to validate attribution for manually generated links to Groupon deals.

If using GPN generated links, you do not need this tool.

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Affiliate Id
This is the unique ID assigned to the Affiliate in GPN to attribute clicks and sales correctly. To find your Affiliate Id, log into your GPN account and navigate to My Account Account Profile Affiliate Id
Media Id
Specific value assigned to a promotional link in GPN.
GPN provides the capability for publishers to pass unique values in their affiliate link to identify where sale actions originate. Loyalty and Rewards publishers may use this parameter to pass a unique member ID in order to credit cash-back or points to its members.
This is an additional Id that can be used to associate a sale with a particular Affiliate website. This Id is useful when an affiliate has multiple websites to differentiate where sales are coming from.
This tracking token must be used in all tracking links to identify the affiliate and media that a click or sale will be attributed against.


The following values are assigned to Affiliate Id and Media Id for this example affiliate:
Country=Ireland (IE)
Affiliate Id=201236
Media Id= 212556

Please supply your own Affiliate Id in the tsToken when making your own calls.

The country in the tsToken must match the country of the Groupon website and of the tracking server

UTM tracking parameters

Tracking parameters are used internally to track sales and then attribute those sales to the correct affiliate. They are generated automatically using the tsToken passed to the API.

These parameters may be overridden by passing in your own values. We highly recommend you contact your affiliate manager before supplying your own parameters as you may not get attributed for the sales you generate.

In either case, the appropriate parameters SHOULD exist on the Destination Deal URL (either the automatically generated values OR, if overridden, those overridden values from the supplied tracking link).


utm_source=GPN (Traffic Source)
utm_medium=afl (Identifier for a particular traffic source)
utm_campaign=201236 (Your Affiliate Id)
Destination URL
This is the Groupon Deal URL your users will be directed to after clicking the link.

Please note

This tool does not validate whether the destination deal directed to actually exists. To validate that the deal actually exists, you will need to check the link yourself.