Campaign Endpoint

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Use this endpoint to retrieve your link data. We have modelled links using the umbrella concept of campaigns. Effectively you can think of campaigns as links. All requests require your clientId. You can find your clientId under the Account Profile section when you login to your GPN account.

This endpoint supports the following dimensions

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Supported Formatsback to top

  • JSON
  • XML (default)
  • CSV

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Sample Requests

Retrieve all reporting data on my links for year 2020 and group by date, filtered by GBP currency. This effectively groups by day.[your-client-id]&group=date&date=[2020-01-01&date=2020-12-31]&campaign.currency=GBP

Retrieve all reporting data for each of my links for the year 2020, filtered by GBP currency. This effectively groups the data by link id.[your-client-id]&group=campaign&date=[2020-01-01&date=2020-12-31]&campaign.currency=GBP

Retrieve all my daily link data for the year 2020 in the time zone of Asia/Jayapura excluding France, filtered by GBP currency. Country filters are only applicable if you generate sales from more than one country.[your-client-id]&group=date&date=[2020-01-01&date=2020-12-31]&campaign.currency=GBP&!FR&timezone=Asia/Jayapura

Measuresback to top

The following measures are supported by the campaign endpoint.

Name Type Description
EventImpressions Integer Number of impressions logged
EventClicks Integer Number of clicks logged
SaleCount Integer Number of sales logged
BountyCount Integer Number of activations logged
SaleGrossAmount Decimal Sales gross amount in currency units
SaleCommissionAmount Decimal Sale Commission amount in currency units
BountyCommissionAmount Decimal Bounty Commission amount in currency units
TotalCommissionAmount Decimal Total Commission amount in currency units. SaleCommissionAmount added to BountyCommissionAmount
ConversionRate Decimal Ratio between sales and clicks. EventClicks divided by SalesCount
ClickThroughRate Decimal Ratio between clicks and impression. EventClicks divided by EventImpressions

Dimensionsback to top

The following dimensions are supported by the campaign endpoint.

Dimension Name Default Search Default Grouping Description Mandatory
Campaign name id The campaigns. This dimension is a leaf linked to the media No
Media name id The medias No
Date datetime datetime The date/time dimension with a granularity level of one hour Yes


Information Name Type Description
Name String The campaign name
Country String The campaign country (iso code)
Currency String The campaign currency (Iso code)
LandingURL String The campaign landing url
Type String The campaign type (possible values: FIXED, CAT, RSS, BOOKMARKLET)
Status String The campaign status (possible values: ACTIVE, INACTIVE)


Information Name Type Description
Name String The media name
Type String The media type (possible values: TEXT, IMAGE, CAT, RSS, BOOKMARKLET)
Status String The media status (possible values: ACTIVE, INACTIVE)


Information Name Type Description
Day Date The day
Datetime Datetime The day and hour
Year Integer The Year
Month String The month in year (eg: 2020-07)
MonthName String The month name (eg: July)
MonthNum Integer The month number (eg: 7)
DayOfMonth Integer The day in the month (eg 15 for 15th July 2020)
DayOfWeek Integer The day in the week (1 for Sunday)
DayOfWeekName String The day of week name
HourOfDay Integer The hour in the day (00 to 23)