Branding Requirements

We want you to use our content in useful and interesting ways, not boring or underhanded ways. To that end, we have some rules in addition to those explained in the API Terms of Use:

Give Us Credit

Wherever you display our content, you must prominently display our logo (see below). It should be obvious that the information originates from Groupon. Also, don't claim responsibility or sponsorship for Groupon content (e.g., Groupon's deal of the day is brought to you by Larry's Crab Shack).

Live in the Moment

The API is for real time user-driven requests. Don't capture information from the API for later use.

Keep it Consumer Facing

Don't use Groupon information for non-consumer purposes.

Add Value

If you're only going to recreate the functionality of Groupon's own website or mobile apps, save yourself the trouble and just put up a link.

Enable Links

Don't 'nofollow' your links to Groupon.

Give Us the Spotlight

Don't aggregate our deals with other providers

Leave Our Content Alone

Don't alter our logo, graphics, or copy provided by Groupon.

For Mobile

Have clear Groupon branding at the top of app/mobile pages where you're using and/or incorporating Groupon content. On platforms where Groupon also has a mobile application, we may require you to link directly to our application instead of our mobile site.

Groupon Assets

Powered By Groupon Logo on White Background

Powered By Groupon Logo on Dark Background

Groupon Green

HEX #82b548

Text Gray

HEX #333333


The mark must appear at a minimum height of 15px, and clearing space guidelines must be followed. The mark cannot be modified, seperated or cut apart in any way.

The mark must also always link back to a Groupon website.