Our data warehouse exposes three endpoints through which you may access your data

  • campaignActivity - Retrieve data associated with your ads or links
  • order - Retrieve data associated with your sales
  • ledger - Retrieve data related to your commission and invoices

Each endpoint consists of a number of dimensions and measures. Dimensions allow data analysis from various perspectives. For example, date dimension could show you the breakdown of sales by year, month, day and hour. Campaign dimension could help you see which campaigns bring in the most revenue, sales or commission paid. Measures are numeric representations of a set of facts that have occurred. Examples of measures include number of sales, number of clicks, commission paid, conversion rate, and so forth. Our data warehouse is queried using the GET method of the HTTP protocol.

Your clientId must be used with all of your service calls. You can find your clientId under the Account Profile section when you login to your GPN account.

PLEASE NOTE: When making API calls without a currency filter, the summary data will include total summations of all currencies within the response. As we currently do not support currency conversion, the currency totals will be incorrect.